The African Diaspora Political Action Committee is the collective answer to the international Afriphobia that Arican diaspora people have experienced for 500 years and will create the kind of organised advocacy and protection that we are capable of and deserve. We are not asking or demanding this from any non African but will now provide this for ourselves and work side by side with the African Diaspora region of the African Union (created specifically for our representation as an African state as the sixth region).
ADPAC will provide monthly meetings for regional chapter
membership with an agenda to hear local challenges and provide
local solutions from the national and global collective.
The aim of ADPAC is to build an international lobbying and advocacy organisation that connects the socio economic and political dots in order to bring the kind of solutions for development that African diaspora people require based on the monthly subscription of our global membership.
The United Kingdom jurisdiction of the African Diaspora Political Action Committee is capacity building a 100K membership organisation at £5 per month subscription 


African Diaspora Population of England & Wales

Black African                                                      989,628               1.8%
Black Caribbean                                                 594,825               1.1%
Black Other                                                         280,000                0.5%
Mixed white/Black African                                 165,000                0.3%
Mixed white/Black Caribbean                            426,715                0.8%
Total:                                                                    2,457,579             4.5%
Published 1st August 2018 Source: https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/uk-population-by-ethnicity/national-and-regional-populations/population-of-england-and-wales/latest#by-ethnicity
Please take into account that not all African Diasporan legal UK citizens filled out the 2011 census

Thankyou for requesting a copy of the  African Diaspora Political Action Committee constitution, please read carefully to understand the nature of the institution we are incorporating and how it will benefit African Diaspora people internationally by acting locally within regional chapters that answer to a national leadership who are elected by the membership.

We would like to encourage you if interested in our values to make a donation to the accountant, solicitor and trust underwriter fees in order to establish the institutional representation we both require and deserve. African Diaspora people are in the same position globally where ever we find ourselves and we are now creating the solution that will advance our socio economic development. We appreciate your interest and would be grateful if you would make your colleagues and friends of a similar ilk aware of ADPAC and our intentions.
Please email us if you would like to donate any of the amounts above and we'll email you a PayPal invoice to receive your donation.

African Diaspora Political Action Committee (ADPAC)